Welcome to World Harvest North Cyber Church

I personally want to welcome you to the World Harvest North Cyber Church (WHNCC) official web page. The purpose of World Harvest North Cyber Church is to be a tool that will assist in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ, and that will serve His body around the world. Over the years, we have seen through our media ministry the ongoing need for us to become an outreach to believers and non-believers alike who are not a part of a local church. WHNCC is not attempting to replace the local church, but to assist it. As the senior pastor of World Harvest Church North, I know full well the necessity for believers to assemble themselves in an anointed atmosphere for the purpose of celebrating the work of the cross and the power of Christ in our lives.

God has called our local church to serve as an ambassador of Christ to the nations of the world. As such, we sense the need and the urgency to connect with believers and non-believers alike who either have never attended or are not regularly able to attend church services. If you are in need of spiritual nourishment and discipleship, I invite you to explore our entire website to see all that is offered from our ministries for you to enjoy.

We offer membership to anyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. If you believe the Lord is moving on your heart to join our cyber fellowship, please read the membership guidelines and fill out the information fields. It is our goal that cyber members feel they are as much of a part of World Harvest Church North as those who are physically able to attend our services. Your connection to our body is accomplished through joining us live for Sunday services and the interaction of internet tools such as social networking, devotions, e-prayer, videos, podcasts, and audio downloads to mention a few.  

WHNCC is a place for you to belong and to know that you're an active and vital part of what God is carrying out in the earth. Please prayerfully consider becoming a member of WHNCC today, and you will experience the blessings of God's favor on this global ministry in your life as well.

In His service,
Pastor Asa Dockery