Kingdom Men In His Image

Usually the first words that Jesus spoke to someone were, “Come, follow me!”
That is the goal of our men’s ministry. We are not just men who join another organization, but we are men being formed in HIS image. Every man is uniquely made with a divine purpose and divine gifts. Whether you already know your gifts and callings, or you need help in finding His plan and purpose for your life, we are there to support you.
There is a three-fold goal that we strive for our men to reach: Their reconciliation to God, the restoration of their families and finally, going into the world to make a difference. We are creating God’s soldiers, men that are complete in the word, filled with faith and the Holy Spirit, and heading to possess the land.

Loving one another is our specialty.

Upcoming Events:

Men's Breakfast Feb. 19th, 2011 at the Bumble Cafe, Blue Ridge GA 8:30am

Phone: 706-374-6175
P.O. Box 968, Morganton, GA 30560