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Our services are centered on the worship of Jesus and creating an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to minister to the church.

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10:30 AM

Worship Service

7:00 PM

Video of the Week

"The Blood Still Speaks" (Part 2) -The blood of Jesus is crying out to the Father on behalf of all people. The blood of Jesus wasn't just from a human, but it was the blood of God. His blood has more than life contained within it, it also gives life to those who place their faith in Jesus as Lord. All believers need to hear the truths in this message.

"The Blood Still Speaks" (Part 2)

Sunday Worship Experience (May 28, 2023)

"Going Too Far" -Sometimes, we get bored playing "it" safe in life and decide to switch things up for a change of pace. It's possible to play with fire and not get burned. It is also possible to play with a snake and not get bit. However, there are those instances when we can take something too far and cause ourselves pain and loss. It's alright to play, but we must be selective what we play with. Satan loves to push us and our buttons. We must learn how to resist him so that we do not go too far and suffer the consequences.

Going Too Far

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