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We are Kingdom minded, and leading the way in the building up of women…women who know who they are in Christ and are not afraid to step out and be all that they are called to be…well, sometimes we are afraid, but in those times…we step out and do it anyway; and we will do it all with grace!!

Women's Weekly Devotional


This week’s Word: Proverbs 31:29…and he praises her; “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

In previous weeks, we have been gleaning from the lives of women in scripture. We have learned that if Eve could mess up God’s plan for the whole world and still be used by Him, then what could He do with us? And, Sarah had a husband that failed her, though she wasn’t perfect either (with her little temper tantrums), yet she was still commended by God for her submission to her husband. That tells us there is still hope for us. In fact, Sarah was one of only two women listed in Hebrews 11 in what is called the “Faith Hall of Fame.”

We will get back to the study of women in scripture in the next few weeks; right now, I am preparing to teach a class about men…you know how it is; men and women are polar opposites. Let’s take time out to be encouraged about our role in their lives.

Though we don’t often realize it, women have great influence in the lives of men…that is why, in order for our role to be properly fulfilled, we must be secure in who we are as women in Christ. Let’s go back to Eve for a moment. What would have happened had “she” not had an identity crisis? She obviously would not have accepted the temptation from the serpent and influenced her husband to eat of that fruit. Perhaps she would have used her persuasiveness to convince him to eat from the tree of life. Wow, we would be living in a whole different world for sure!

Do you really agree with God on who you are? I believe that most of us don’t. I know that I sometimes have a very hard time with that. Pastor Asa said something in his sermon last night that hit me hard in this area of my walk. He was talking about Jesus; no identity crisis there, right? Jesus knew exactly who He was and what His mission was here on this earth. Here’s what hit me: Jesus said, “If you’ve seen me, you have seen the Father.” No problem with that, but then Pastor Asa went on to say: if we, as Christians, are walking in the Spirit, and in obedience to God, we should be able to say just what Jesus said (except about Jesus); I should be able to say, “If you have seen Debbie Dockery, then you have seen Jesus.” It’s true, but how many of us can really accept that? Now that’s a high calling! Feel any conviction? I did!

We, women must come to the understanding that we are important. What we do, say, or think matters to God and to the men in our lives. We all influence men, whether they are husbands, fathers, sons, grandsons, or just acquaintances. Therefore, if we know who we are in Christ, we can change the world! I challenge you today…get into God’s word. What good things does He say about you? How has He used women in scripture to change situations and influence men? You can find witness to it all in scripture! Do not let the enemy intimidate you because you are a woman…you are who God says you are…A woman of influence!